Friday, August 3, 2007

Note On Napa: Dumb Me

I still remember my first visit to Napa, about 11 years ago, and a meal at Tra Vigne. I ordered the transcendent risotto, which had an intentional puddle of olive oil, new to me at the time. I learned a decade later that it most likely was prepared by a chef, who was none other than Michael Chiarello, arguably the cutest and among the most accomplished of the Food Network chefs. He was at the time chef-owner of Tra Vigne. He is no longer.

This is why I could KICK myself. While scouting around for MC on the Food Network website (not an easy task these days), I found this sentence - "Easy Entertaining is shot on the grounds of the Trefethen Winery".

WHAT?! We must have passed their gates SIX TIMES when we were in Napa!!!!! How could I not have known that?! I don't think they would have let me see the kitchen, much less stroke a choppy chop or pot that he had used, but I could have at least taken a picture and said "Inside these gates is where Michael weaves his magic." Ah well... I guess I shouldn't despair about the road not taken...especially on a trip that had so many other rewarding elements.


Cynthia said...

I do love Michael, his style, him and his food!

Sue said...