Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Don't Think Nigella Has Anything To Worry About

The (London) Times Online website is reporting that the raven-haired British cooking beauty feels that Martha Stewart has been spending too much time admiring HER - Nigella's - husband, Charles Saatchi.

In an interview with Britain's Radio Times magazine, Nigella says she has suffered a diss or two from Martha. Nigella feels it has to do with Martha having "a soft spot" for her husband. Well, who wouldn't want a fabulously wealthy man, who appreciates art and, perhaps, good food, as well. But Martha has her own billionaire, so I think they can both rest easy.

That's some choice though. Gorgeous great cook with 2 youngish kids from a good family versus a VERY VERY VERY wealthy do-it-yourselfer with a grown daughter and many homes, (oh, and a criminal record too, but I think that was unfair).


Emilie said...

I LOVE Nigella! Her books are amazing. I can't believe how gorgeous she is. Yeah, she definitely shouldn't worry.

Cynthia said...

I do think that it is unfair :) if it were a man, he would not have gone to jail...

Sue said...

I agree 100%.

I soooo believe that. The last time I looked, it wasn't a crime to be a difficult person.