Saturday, August 25, 2007

From The Ridiculous To The Sublime - Ingrid Hoffman to Michael Chiarello

I have to take real exception with the awful, terrible, embarrassingly bad review that Ingrid Hoffman's show got in the New York Times this morning. It's just not true that Giada "is merely a good-looking woman with a mortar and pestle in comparison." Everything else, though, that Ginia Bellafante wrote is pretty darn accurate. (Read it quick, before they yank it off their website.)

She says Ingrid cooks with her entire body. If you're throwing absolutely everything into it, shouldn't the final product reflect massive effort? Bellafante highlights, in particular, her shrimp, ketchup and brandy dish, saying "no two of (these ingredients) I'd ever consider in concert."

She points out that in Ingrid's little world, EVERYTHING is great, every recipe turns out absolutely "yummy'. We know, from watching, that that's a complete untruth. If you grimace as you're watching her put these things together, then there's no way you can taste them without wincing.

Simply Delicioso is simply another example of the dumbing down of The Food Network, which is why we have to hold tight to the quality that's still there.

Speaking of top of the line...a quick aside about Mike...How did I miss this very nice Reuters interview with Michael Chiarello 2 weeks ago? The most interesting part of it is when he is asked how he feels about fusion cuisine (among my most favorite type of restaurants).

Mike says "When you cook food that has a history and a point of view, it lasts with you much, much longer. If you have a fusion dish, it may taste awesome, but I'm likely going to wake up the next morning and forget what I ate. I don't want mung bean in my marinara sauce."

While I don't agree with him, I do like it when a chef has a definite point of view. I think it only helps the overall vision of his food. But...if he ever asks, just tell him you have no clue what I think about fusion food - and that probably I don't like it that much.

Oh, what we do for those we love...


Anonymous said...

"...staking her claim as the country’s pre-eminent cleavage cook."

That cracked me up. Though I must admit, not having developed past 16, I'd be happy to be called a "cleavage" anything at this point. I can't blame Ingrid for enjoying what God (or her surgeon) gave her.

I have to start making more of an effort to watch the guys on Food Network, if only to avoid a serious case of boob envy. :oD

Sue said...

That is one thing you won't have to worry about when you watch MC. But he often has boobalicious babes on to "help" him.

Karin said...

Hi Sue, thanks for commenting on my blog.

I´m sorry, but I am not familiar with Food Network. Actually, I don´t know what it is at all. I´m watching BBC Food at least once a day. Is Food Network a TV Network? What is it?

Cynthia said...

Sue, I felt embarassed for Ingrid as I was reading that review.

Sue said...

Hi Karin,
The Food Network used to be a wonderful television channel devoted only to cooking shows by fine chefs. NOW there are occasionally chefs with shows, but often it's a free-for-all of busty enthusiastic hosts who don't know a sharpening steel from a sabayon.

The funny thing is, just as with her recipes, Ingrid will probably think that was a great review.

chefnae said...

I like Ingrid Hoffmans show, she is pretty, the show is colorful, the food looks very good.
Chefnae says keep up the good work