Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Birthday To Us

The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that this is the 10th anniversary of when the BLOG was born. Well, more accurately, this YEAR is the 10th anniversary...They cite the date as December 23, 1997, when Jorn Barger began to add links to his blog that he thought would be of interest to his readers. He called it "webpage logging". and the OED declared that to be the root of the word "weblog", which, of course, became "blog". (Jorn looks a little scary and from what I've read, he IS a little scary.)

Anyway, they interview a bunch of muckety mucks, well not JUST...MIA FARROW is in there!! But her blurb is a good one. She encouraged one of her kids to start a blog when she was dissed from the school newspaper and she herself started blogging on catastrophic conditions around the world. You can't argue with the good will out there in the blogosphere.

Of course, the WSJ mentions nary a food blog, but that's ok, we know who we are and our numbers are being added to every minute. I wish I knew how many food blogs are out there. A casual Google search leads to 180,000,000 results for "Food Blogs", even more for "Food Blog", but those, obviously, include posts ABOUT food blogs, as well. Google Blogsearch comes up with 70,611,481 results for food, but only (ONLY!) 188,757 for food blogs. Even an article in Forbes didn't hazard a guess as to the numbers.

Anyway, keep blogging and keep reading our blogs. Maybe one day we'll make it into the Wall Street Journal, but a comment from a fellow blogger or a mention in a post would suit me just fine.

Here's an interesting tidbit I just found:
Why I Hate Food Bloggers by Mario Batali
(Read it all, he's not completely wrong.)


Cynthia said...

Sue, I can't remember the last day I heard that term , "muckety mucks" (lol).

I read the article and you are right, he's not all wrong and as someone who teaches Journalism I know all too well the perils of not doing proper research, putting out shodding baseless info that becomes fact and lives and reputations are destroyed.

Sue said...

Right you are, my friend.

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Sometimes reading pieces like those are like looking in a mirror. I shudder when I think of the mistakes of my own food blog.

Your post has inspired me to create my own blog on the subject. Hope you dont mind.

Sue said...


I'm delighted. Thanks for giving me a shoutout.