Monday, July 2, 2007

Greetings From Paris

Happily, I find myself in Paris for a few days...and, even more happily, probably for the zillionth visit. After we (my husband and I) arrived yesterday (and had the obligatory omelette au fromage and a café), we ran through the Louvre, competing with the other THOUSANDS of people there on a free day.We rode the Metro all over the place and visited with our friend "A", who had laid out the most magnificent spread for us. (I'll add the picture if she sends it to me.)

Later, H* and I sat in a cafe, in the still light-of-day at 9 pm. I had my favorite French apéritif - a Kir Royale - Champagne and Cassis. What could be better?


This being Paris, another one was forthcoming.

Au revoir for now.

Jusqu'à later.



Cynthia said...

You and the hubby have a good time.

Sue said...

Thanks Cyn,

We ARE!!! At least, I am. He has this pesky thing called work.