Friday, June 15, 2007

Rachael Ray, The Daytime Emmys and That Dress

I was watching the Daytime Emmys rather halfheartedly, when I heard a voice (a rather piercing one) coming from the audience. OMG it was Rach in an unbelievably revealing gown. At first I was shocked and then I thought, good for her - she's not in Kansas anymore, or even Albany.

And I have to admit it did make me wait around to get another look at her to see if she could hold her own amongst all those soap opera sirens. She lost Best Talk Show Host to Ellen DeGeneres. No one gives an acceptance speech like Ellen and Rachael didn't look too disappointed. She's just happy her show isn't on opposite Oprah, like Ellen's is in New York.

I have to say the best moment was when Elmo won. Oscar watched intently from the audience and then he, too, won a second Emmy in this category. That's good stuff. Elmo made another appearance with Tyra Banks later to help her introduce a clip of the children's programming awards presented last night. Elmo really is too cute.

Ellen won her 4th Emmy for Best Talk Show, even beating out the, now Rosie-less, controversial The View.

And next is Rachael Ray presenting the Emmy for Best Drama Series???!!! I'm trying to figure out a connection between RR and Drama and I'm just lost. Is she the highest status person there tonight? And I must say her dress looked less provocative and more potato sack-like than when she was seated in the audience.

But she did do a good job of corralling two large casts of folks who won in a tied award. Don't ask me who won, I was just waiting to see what would happen with her dress. Everything stayed where it should and, thankfully, the show ended on time. Anyhoo...

These were the foodie winners at the Creative Craft Daytime Emmy Awards, given on Thursday. -

Lifestyle host: Paula Deen, "Paula's Home Cooking," Food Network

Lifestyle program: "Paula's Home Cooking," Food Network

Technical direction/electronic camera/video control: "Rachael Ray," syndicated


Anonymous said...

what is she doing in that award show? She has no talent!

Sue Gordon said...

Well, at least she wasn't cooking.