Thursday, May 3, 2007

Rachael Ray, Whom We Love To Hate

What are we going to do about Rachael Ray? If she gets any more famous, she'll threaten to outshine the sun. She's cooked for a President, helped Michael J. Fox in his fight for Parkinson's Disease funding, saved an entire high school from a bad prom, which was a fate worse than being destroyed in a tornado (which it was) - AND THAT WAS JUST IN THE LAST EIGHT DAYS!!!

NOW she's on the cover of People Magazine, which is obviously in tandem with her True Hollywood Story, premiering this Saturday night on the
E Network.

She is everywhere all the time. As the moderator of a particularly virulent Anti-Rachael Website points out, when asked "If you hate her so much, then why don't you just change the channel?", that's getting a little hard to do, when she has her daily talk show, her gazillion shows on the Food Network, her Dunkin' Donuts commercials, plus others, her magazine, her cd's with kitchen appropriate music AND her products are being shilled everywhere!!! 928,000 results come up for "Rachael Ray Products" on Google. NINE HUNDRED AND TWENTY EIGHT THOUSAND!!! You can buy nice Rachael Ray T-Shirts, and mean Rachael Ray T-Shirts. There are countless blogs dedicated to her and her alone. It's getting hard NOT to have an opinion about her.

I don't think she's a bad person and I certainly don't think she ever expected all this success. But I just wish that the plaudits were for someone who represented true excellence, instead of someone who prides herself on what she's NOT: she says constantly she's NOT a chef, she's NOT a baker and that she can't even heat up bread without burning it. Is that someone we want to hold up as the ultimate example of success in our culture?

Oh well, gotta go, Rachael's on...



Recipe Tweaker said...

I also love to hate Rachael. I never watched her shows until I bumped into her and her crew on Martha's Vinard. I was with my grandmother who loved her at the time. My cute little grandmother walked up to her (as she stood there, seemingly aggrivated and playing with her cell phone) and told her that she loved her shows and watched them all the time. Perky little Rachael totally blew her off said "uh, yeah thanks" and walked away - not even a smile. I know, I know, sometimes people are in bad moods...but how can you be rude to a polite, cute grandmother?! Needless to say, my grandmother stopped wathcing her shows after that. She was also quite rude to her crew that was filming the show. Although she can be quite annoying with her phrases and silly stories, I am all about her 30 minute meals and her new talk show. I can't stand the rest of her shows, I've tried to watch them but they are brutal.

Sue said...

Hi RT,

It IS hard to know whether that was just an off day for RR, or whether she's gotten a bit of attitude with all of her success. Some reader told me in a comment that she had been in the audience of her talk show and that she was charming. Be that as it may, it's her cooking that I object to.

shannymarie said...

We went to a taping recently, and I thought she was not as nice as I expected. She seemed full of herself and not very interactive with the audience. Almost annoyed to be there, and with the crew. I went to the show a big fan, and left thinking that she was a jerk.