Saturday, May 12, 2007

Me To Food Network: Put Michael Chiarello Back On Saturday Afternoons

I am not happy. Someone at the Food Network has decided that my wonderful Michael Chiarello doesn't belong on the Saturday afternoon television line-up - which is the primetime of my Food Network viewing. They put Spiky Haired Guy on instead. He's ok, his food is actually rather exciting, but he's no MC. And he doesn't need to be on on Saturday afternoon, when I have my appointment with destiny, I mean with my favorite chef on Easy Entertaining.

A quick perusal of FN's website leads me to conclude that this is not just a temporary move. Michael's keeping his 12:30 pm SUNDAY slot, but those were usually old shows. Now they have him on every weekday at 3 pm. Is that supposed to make up the fact that they took away his Saturday afternoons? Who can possibly watch at 3 pm and who wants to tape something every day at 3? (It's true, I actually TAPE the shows. Don't ask...It's a long story, but it has to do with being able to take the tapes and watch them on any tv and not having to get TIVO or DVR on every frickin' television in the house.)

I'm not upset that Ellie Krieger looks like she may be getting the heave-ho, though. She's on at 9:30 on Saturday mornings now and she's not even on the schedule after the end of May. She's affable, she's certainly healthy, but her food is just not that tasty. Everything I've made of hers seems to suffer from being a healthy version of a dish.

The good news is that the hunky Tyler Florence is on in her spot now at 1 pm on Saturday. He IS really good looking and his food his very satisfying and full-flavored. I would have enjoyed watching Michael right after him, but I guess it's not meant to be.

Food Network - Bring back Mike on Saturday afternoons!

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dubvee 95 said...

They've done this to Ellie before. When they started airing Nigella, Ellie just disappeared. Then when Ellie had new shows, she reappeared. I think Ellie will be back.