Saturday, May 5, 2007

And The Cheese Stands Alone

This is a video of a 44 lb. wheel of cheddar cheese aging on a shelf at the West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers in Britain. It's pretty interesting.

Even more riveting, though, is the original web site that featured this rather humongous piece of cheddar cheese, aging in real time - That's it. That's all it shows - A round of cheese as it sits on a table, AGING.

Very occasionally, some activity surrounds Biggie Cheese, as I like to call it. There was quite a commotion in cyberspace last month when a cheesemaker took a sample of it to see if it was aging properly. Another time the label fell off and had to replaced and, monthly, it gets turned over. But other than that it sits quite placidly, where it will remain until next January.

The amazing thing is that this site has gotten over ONE MILLION HITS!!! Biggie even has a My Space page.

It IS a lot better than many other things out there, like Brit or Paris (soon-to-be-heading-to-the-pokey) Hilton showing all their bits and pieces. THIS cheese has its parts intact...and a pretty hunky piece it is. Just look at it for awhile, it's positively beguiling.

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