Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Veatrice's Excellent Cooking Adventure...Ok, Maybe Not That Excellent

It happened again. Jimmy Kimmel featured the "winning" personality of Veatrice, his security guard, doing a cooking segment. Luckily, I have people that tell me things like this, because I didn't see it. I have seen Veatrice before, however, and she is a woman of RARE warmth - meaning none whatsoever.

Apparently, she took a can of beef stew, opened it and put it in a bowl. That was probably complicated enough for Jimmy. You have to know your audience when you do a cooking demonstration, and I bet that was pretty much what he was up to. Kudos to Veatrice. I'm just glad it didn't involve any instant rice. That would have been just plain wrong.

Here's the video of Veatrice's first appearance as a cooking show chef. Hopefully the beef stew extravaganza will be on soon. I think Jimmy should start giving the recipes on his website.

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