Monday, March 26, 2007

Hot Off The Presses: Giada Citing

What was Giada doing on The Today Show, sitting on the end of the chat couch next to David Gregory and Natalie Morales and some rather cute weatherman this morning (Monday, March 26th)? Apparently, she's a Today contributor. Who knew? (I stopped watching when Jane Pauley left.)

I was just channel surfing, while on the treadmill (Christina Aquilera had finished and I was waiting for Fergie and Luda) and I spied Giada. She was working out with the Jackie Warner from Bravo's WORK OUT. If that's not cross promotion gone haywire, I don't what is... Anyway, Jackie, famous for her volatile girlfriends, is literally ALL OVER Giada. She makes her do a "man's" push up and poor little Giada really looks like she's never done one before. That gave Jackie the perfect opportunity to practically LIE ON TOP OF HER.

Then, she gave Giada milk "jugs" to lift with - who calls them THAT unless you're thinking of something entirely different? Thankfully, Giada thought to zip up, really high, nothing showing from our princess of cleavage today. Luckily, the extra tall and cute David Gregory came on, just as Jackie was getting warmed up.

Giada, do yourself a favor and keep a kitchen counter between you and your tv companions.

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