Monday, May 16, 2016

Bottoms Up With Bubbles


I know some of these special food “holidays” are a bit of a joke. National Jelly Doughnut Day or National White Peppercorn Day are kind of ridiculous.  (I actually made those up, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they exist.) Obviously, it’s a way for marketing folks to get their products center stage and have them featured on social media particularly. I have to admit I fell for today’s special day – National Mimosa Day. WHY it wasn’t on a Sunday (to go along with brunch) I have no idea. But I couldn’t resist pouring myself one…or two. 

Aperol Spritz Mimosa

Pour 2 ounces of orange juice in the bottom of a pretty champagne glass. (All champagne glasses are pretty.)  Add a splash of Aperol. Fill almost all the way up with champagne. (Prosecco counts too.) Top it off with a hit of seltzer. Drink, enjoy, repeat.